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The 1920s in India witnessed the publication of an inflammatory book that vilified the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), which added fuel to existing Muslim / Hindus tensions. The British Raj ruled India and the creation of Pakistan was still a distant dream in the hearts of Indian Muslims. The Muslim population burned continued and massive protests were carried out. Prashad Pratab had been authorized Rangeela Rasool (The Colourful Prophet), under the name of the Pandit Chamupati Lal pen. The word rangeela means ‘colourful’  but you can understand in this context to mean “Playboy”. [Nauzbillah]

Rajpal was a Hindu book editor of Lahore. He assumed the responsibility of publishing the book in 1923 and prompted not to disclose the real name of the author. The pressure of the Muslim community turned out that the matter will take the LAHORE session court, who found Raj pap guilty and condemned him. Subsequently, Rajpal appealed against the decision of the session court on the Superior Court of Lahore. The appeal was heard by Judge Daleep Singh, who gave permission to appeal for the reasons why, on the basis of criticism against religious leaders, regardless of how immoral is, is not covered by S.153 of the Criminal Code of the India. Therefore, Rajpal could not be convicted as the law did not cover critical blasphemes against religion. The decision of the Superior Court was widely criticized and the protests were made against it by the Muslims of India. Little ago someone suspected that a young man’s action course would bring a significant change in the law, which guarantees that Islam would be covered by blasphemy laws.

Ilm Din was an illiterate teenager from Lahore. His father was a carpenter. One day he was passing near Masjid (mosque) Wazir Khan. There was a large crowd screaming slogans against Rajpal. He tronó: “Oh, Muslims! The Rajpal devil has tried to dishonor our beloved Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) for the dirty book!”

ILM DIN was deeply affected by this passionate speech and promised to act. On September 6, 1929, Ilm Deen was established for the Bazaar and bought a dagger by a rupee. He hid his dagger in his pants and waited in front of Rajpal’s store. Rajpal had not yet arrived. His flight had arrived at Lahore Airport and he proceeded to call the police to request them to give security. Ilm Deen did not know what the editor was like. He asked some pins as for Rajpal whereabouts and said he needed to discuss something with him. Rajpal entered the store without detection, but shortly after a man alerted Ilm Din that Rajpal was inside. The young man entered the store, he threw himself forward and attacked him. He stabbed his dagger on Rajpal’s chest with such force that his heart was torn from him. Rajpal fell dead on the ground. Ilm Deen did not make any attempt to escape. Rajpal employees grabbed him and shouted help.

The police arrived at the scene and arrested Ilm Deen. He remained in the Mianwali jail. The case went to court and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was his defense lawyer. Jinnah fought with the case of Ghazi Ilm Deen in a special request from Alama Iqbal. Jinnah urged ILM Din to enter a statement of guilt not guilty and say that he had acted due to extreme forecast. The fact that Ilm Din was only 19 years old would have worked in favor of him. Ilm Din refused to offer such a motura and insisted that he was proud of him. This case was the only one that Jinnah lost. The court court granted ILM Din the death penalty. Against the wishes of him, the Muslims filed an appeal, but it was rejected.

The execution of the ILM DIN occurred on October 31, 1929. When asked if he had any last request, he simply requested that he would be allowed to pray two prayers of Rak’at (units) NAFL (voluntary), so he followed the Example of Khubaib (Ra) that also prayed 2 Rak’ats Nafl before the Pagan Quraish executed.

When the rope was placed around Ilm Din‘s neck, he repeated before the huge crowd:
“Oh, the people! Bear witnesses that I killed Rajpal to defend our last prophet Muhammed

“As Iqbal placed the body of Ilm Din into the grave, he tearfully declared: “This uneducated young man has surpassed us, the educated ones.”

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