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Hasnat Ahmad Khan was born in Jhelum, Pakistan, on April 1, 1959. His papa, Abdul Rasheed Khan, is a graduate of the London College of Business Economics. As opposed to complying with in his father’s footsteps, Hasnat matured to seek a medical profession.


Birth Name Hasnat Ahmad Khan
Birth date April 1
Birth Year 1959
Age 60 years
Horoscope Aries
Birth Place Jhelum
Birth Country Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
Profession Cardiologist
Net Worth $500,000 – $1 Million
Martial Status Single
Height 5 Feet 3 Inches
Weight 386 lbs (175 kg)


Heart cosmetic surgeon Hasnat Khan dated Princess Diana from 1995 to 1997. Their love is the topic of guide ‘Diana: Her Last Love’ and its movie adaptation, ‘Diana.’.

Who is Hasnat Khan?

A cardiac heart cosmetic surgeon, Kahn dated Princess Diana from 1995 to 1997. In 2000, Kate Snell published Diana: Her Last Love, about Khan and Diana’s relationship. As of 2013, Diana– a movie based on Snell’s publication– was slated to be launched despite Khan’s disapproval.

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Medical Career

As a younger heart specialist in England, Khan functioned 90 hour weeks for a modest wage. It was during this moment that he would certainly meet his famous love interest, Diana, Princess of Wales.
Since 2013, Khan has actually continued his clinical career at Basildon University Hospital in Essex, England, as a cardiothoracic specialist on a getting in touch with basis. Set up for September of that year, he planned to take a year and a half-long unsettled sabbatical from the healthcare facility. His short-term future plans as a medical professional included developing totally free cardiac health services for the bad, at the Abdul Razzaq Welfare Count On Healthcare Facility in the Pakistani village of Badlot near Jhelum, his home town.

Doctor who loved Princess Dianna says she would be 'proud' of his work but  says film about their romance starring Naomi Watts was a 'betrayal' of the  real truth - Wales Online

Relationship With Princess Diana

Khan satisfied Princess Diana in the Royal Brompton Hospital waiting space on September 1, 1995, while she was checking out an ill friend. The princess– who had separated from her partner, Royal prince Charles, 3 years prior– really felt an instant tourist attraction to Khan. In hopes of encountering him once more, she started going to the hospital every day. A couple of weeks later, Khan accepted go on a date with Diana. A connection thrived and also would last for the following two years. Their love was not without its tornados: as Khan worked grueling hours at the hospital, Diana expanded significantly discouraged by his absence of accessibility. Their battle to maintain the partnership out of the general public eye further compounded the tension within their partnership. While Diana located herself yearning for a severe commitment, Khan watched the possibility of their marriage as unrealistic, because of cultural distinctions.

dr. hasnat khan | Dr.Hasnat Ahmed Khan | Princess diana, Lady diana, Diana
The princess as well as the doctor broke off their connection in late July 1997. According to her close friend, Rosa Monckton, Diana stayed obsessed with Khan even as she started dating Egyptian millionaire Dodi Fayed. After Diana as well as Fayed died in an automobile mishap in Paris on August 31, 1997, Khan stayed professionally quiet regarding his connection with Diana for the following 16 years. Throughout that time, Khan was married as soon as, briefly, to Hadia Sher Ali in May 2006. Their marital relationship lasted 18 months before they filed for separation in 2008.


Book and Film

At the end of the 1990s, writer Snell approached Khan about a book she was creating. Guide was indicated to focus on his relationship with Princess Diana, with Snell talking to Kahn’s friends as well as relatives to obtain their viewpoints on the couple. Khan claimed he really did not approve of her creating the book, however could not quit her from talking with eager participants. Diana: Her Last Love, by Kate Snell, was released in 2000. Thinking that the book was produced from chatter, Khan opted never ever to review it.

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Director Oliver Hirschbiegel produced a 2013 film based on Snell’s book– starring Naveen Andrews as Khan opposite Naomi Watts as Princess Diana– simply entitled Diana. After seeing a still photo from the movie, Khan has been singing in the press about his disapproval. Not only has he pointed out the movie as an unreliable representation of the couple’s connection, however he has additionally said he has no strategies to see it.

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